Ambidextrous [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Ambidextrous:

It still embraces a truly ambidextrous design and allows players to switch sensor sensitivity on the fly.

He worked until those clever ambidextrous hands lost the cunning to work out the forms his active brain could still conceive.

He is painting at a small easel and working in quite a wonderful manner, for he is ambidextrous.

Man was once, in his childhood on earth, what Charles Reade wanted him again to be in his maturer centuries, ambidextrous.

Because it has been found that children trained on Ambidextrous lines develop neurotic symptoms.

It is seldom that one in this world sees his way to being so adroitly ambidextrous.

Altogether the proportion of normal left-handed and ambidextrous persons was 6.2 per cent.

He walked with bare feet, using both hands (for he was ambidextrous) to draw round him a red embroidered cloth.

He was ambidextrous, but required both hands at once for his work.

Inquiry should be made as to whether the patient is right or left handed, or ambidextrous.