Ambiguously [adverb]

Definition of Ambiguously:


Opposite/Antonyms of Ambiguously:


Sentence/Example of Ambiguously:

I feel this ambiguous connection to strangers I have had to avoid, and my soul demands exploration.

In the mountains, on the other hand, there’s a pretty broad range of conditions where the decision is ambiguous.

Rituals like writing letters to Santa, or leaving out milk and cookies on Christmas eve, reinforce their belief in these ambiguous figures.

They began their study by noting that “the expected effect of smoking bans on drunk driving is ambiguous” since smokers might choose to go out less, lowering the number of people drinking in total.

This question was ambiguous as to whether you simply wanted the smallest value of N or the smallest value of N that also resulted in the eliminations listed in the original problem.

This prediction being delivered somewhat ambiguously, Hamilton misunderstood its meaning.

All that enlightened men could do, was to speak ambiguously, hence they often confounded falsehood with truth.

Here again the word Eotena is used ambiguously, but, I think, this time not without some indication of its meaning.

“You could not do it,” she declared ambiguously, planting the last spray.

Then, as things got worse and worse for her, he spoke again--ambiguously--a word or two, thrown out to sound the waters.