Ambitions [noun]

Definition of Ambitions:

strong desire for success

Synonyms of Ambitions:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ambitions:

Sentence/Example of Ambitions:

It was not an exalted niche to fill in life, but at least she had learned to fill it to perfection, and her ambitions were modest.

Even at his age he had ambitions, and expected that sometime he would, like his father, serve the king in some office.

The social ambitions of the Tippetts were so definitely quenched that the indignant millionaire threatened to return to Chicago.

When it ceased, she felt as if she had been carried away from "London," and from those old ambitions and hopes for ever.

He had no hopes of winning her to wife—haply no desire, since he was not a man of very great ambitions.

Nature has endowed you with a healthy body, ardent desires, boundless ambitions—well, satisfy them all.

He started out as a mere or'nary politician, but the Democratic Boss took him up and his ambitions are growing.

It was your own instinct, no influence of mine, that sent you out here, filled with mixed but high ambitions.

He had given her even the sacrifice of his deepest ambitions without ever reproaching her.

He was incapable of interest in the fate and fortunes of another, the slave of his own desires and low ambitions.