Ambled [verb]

Definition of Ambled:

walk casually

Synonyms of Ambled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ambled:



Sentence/Example of Ambled:

He ambled over lightly for one of his bulk, and it became apparent that he was far from being blubbery.

She did not perceive that she was talking like her father as the sleek geldings ambled in review before them.

When it told him nine thirty had arrived, he got up, his telescope in his hand, and ambled heavily down the corridor.

But after reviewing the handiwork of Whisper Ross—who had ambled off unimpeded—Lamb saw no reason why he should not do the same.

The two old bucks ambled off to drink Lucy Warrender's health; they wished her well.

Of course I knew what he was after; he wanted my pennies; so I just ambled off, and very soon outdistanced him.

Parpon ambled comfortably beside the old man, who seemed ten years younger than he had done the day before.

The tall lank pony seemed used to such doings, and ambled along unconcerned.

As this ponderous vision ambled through the door, it was met by Charley Sing and the wash-board.

Old Jimmie ambled forward and gazed at his portrait as Hunt was settling an unfinished picture on his easel.