Amblers [noun]

Definition of Amblers:

person traveling on foot

Synonyms of Amblers:

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Sentence/Example of Amblers:

The speed of a good ambler in the paso portante is so great, that he will outstrip another horse at full gallop.

Mr. Ambler was a Universalist minister, had preached in Albany, and was much respected there.

Dick Ambler was over at your house looking for you a little while ago, and he stopped by and told me about your swim.

For the photographs which accompany this article we are indebted to Mr. J. Ambler, of Manchester.

In due course the inquest was held at Shadwell, and with Ambler I attended as a witness.

I hoped that Ambler Jevons would not delay, for I intended that he should be first in the field.

Out by himself on the far rails, out by himself, sweeping along like a home-coming bird, was the Ambler.

A Mr. Ambler spoke at great length, and seemed desirous to excite the people to violence against the assailants of the Bible.

I rose to reply to Mr. Ambler, and soon got the attention of the audience.

The Ambler machine had a straight edge cutter vibrating on arms through barbed or open slotted fingers.