Ambles [verb]

Definition of Ambles:

walk casually

Synonyms of Ambles:

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Sentence/Example of Ambles:

There are several varieties of amble peculiar to the Peruvian horse; the most approved is that called the paso llano.

In Peru a horse is valued less for beauty of form than for the perfection of his amble.

Horace is always on the amble, Juvenal on the gallop; but his way is perpetually on carpet-ground.

Sally Blake and a bare kneed lad began to amble behind the foreigners, he taking his cue smartly and lolling out his tongue.

It seemed to amble tranquilly through the forest and the night, neither alarmed nor considering itself alarming.

Here Tiger rode up to me again, and talking and jesting, we kept our horses at a brisk amble, while Jack trotted after us.

He was awkward and indifferent, but not at all with the easy amble and patrician unconcern of an English aristocrat.

Horses galloped, Sir, when I was twenty; they trotted when I was thirty-five; but they only amble now.

My old horse just put his nose down close to the ground, and went along at an amble, like a dog, smelling the trail.

And he started after the pretty girl at a Fifth Avenue amble.