Ambling [verb]

Definition of Ambling:

walk casually

Synonyms of Ambling:

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Sentence/Example of Ambling:

On the top of this the rider would sit perched, and, with a good ambling pony, could get along very comfortably.

I gave Gibson the big ambling horse, ‘Badger,’ and we packed the big cob with a pair of water-bags that contained twenty gallons.

In the power of continuous ambling they exceed the horses, and are often equal to them in speed.

They are a common sight in the neighbourhood of Peking, where ambling contests frequently take place outside the city wall.

A gray, venerable-looking man was passing down the road on an ambling nag.

The smile deepened as she saw the curiously disfigured horse ambling up to the stone step.

He shouted louder when the animal suddenly wheeled about on its haunches and began ambling from the camp.

Three other bears, large ones, were ambling into camp, nosing about and sniffing the ground.

The Professor just then came ambling along towards the table.

The Professor came ambling down from the tent where he had been lying.