Ambos [noun]

Definition of Ambos:

reading desk

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Sentence/Example of Ambos:

Ambo, he isn't really certain yet that I didn't go crazy that night and kill your wife.

Love, Ambo, human love, as I learned of it there at home—and I saw and heard much too much of it—frightened and sickened me.

That's what the references to Jimmy mean, Ambo, in those pages I scribbled in my trance; and that's all they mean.

But they didn't die there, Ambo; they lived there, a hideous secret life, lying in wait to betray me.

There must be some fatal connection, Ambo, between being sick and being sentimental.

Nec magnes trahit proprie ferrum, nec ferrum ad se magnetem provocat, sed ambo pari conatu ad invicem confluunt.

Adeo infestis animis concurrerunt, ut ambo hasta transfixi caderent; fugatus tamen proelio est Tarquinius.

Ambo consules ad vicum, qui Cannae appellabatur, castra communiverunt.

They are 'Arcades ambo et cantare pares et respondere parati.'

Then the Arcades ambo show off their jesting tricks at Croydon fair, a most suitable place for them.