Ambrosias [noun]

Definition of Ambrosias:

food of the gods

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Sentence/Example of Ambrosias:

The gods themselves were fed on nectar and ambrosia, that they might not die like ordinary mortals.

This was long before the days of Dunbar's pollantin, Holbrook Curtis' ambrosia, adrenalin, and the modern vaccines.

Thatcher has filled me amply with expensive urban food in this sylvan retreat—nectar and ambrosia.

To Achilles, lamenting the death of Patroclus, she came with nectar and ambrosia, that his limbs might not grow faint with hunger.

Even the gods required water and food; they were immortal because they had drunk ambrosia and eaten from the plant of life.

And there in this dim, ghostly Walhalla they sit like the Grecian gods, and drink mead instead of ambrosia and nectar.

To this end she buried him in fire by night to burn out his human elements, and anointed him with ambrosia by day.

Of our ragweed not much can be set down that is complimentary, except that its name in the botany is Ambrosia, food of the gods.

Julius Braun says, in regard to this Sma-tree: Hermes, the rare visitor, is regaled with nectar and ambrosia.

Food that would have disgusted us when we lived and worked in the Central Station, now was ambrosia to our sharpened appetites.