Ambulant [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Ambulant:

There is another class of ambulant merchant who is a frequenter of this most animated of Tunis native quarter.

Occasionally an ambulant theatrical troupe gives an entertainment in our little theatre.

The product is bartered on the spot to the Chinese ambulant traders for other commodities.

Vidi cunctos viventes qui ambulant sub sole, cum adolescente secundo qui consurgit pro eo.

In Fig. 76 an ambulant secretary or public writer is seated at his little table, on which are the meager tools of his trade.

Government flappers congregated giggling in small groups, furtively examined by ambulant young men.

Thus we describe certain cases as ambulant, abortive, larval and fulminant.

Thus do the ambulant images of God cloak their shackles proudly, and divert the judicious with their boastful shouts.

At first it occurred to me that it might be an ambulant dog-kennel, to receive the hounds on their return.

The encounter with these ambulant Highnesses had been fatal—Lansing now perceived it—to Mrs. Hicks's principles.