Ambulatory [adjective]

Definition of Ambulatory:

changing position; able to move under own power

Synonyms of Ambulatory:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ambulatory:

Sentence/Example of Ambulatory:

Now, they hope to take more serious cases, including older, less ambulatory people.

“Our algorithm, that the ethicists, infectious disease experts worked on for weeks … clearly didn’t work right,” Tim Morrison, the director of the ambulatory care team, told residents at the event in a video posted online.

Arthrex has donated to health systems, ambulatory surgery centers, physician and dentist offices, assisted living and long-term-care facilities, and first responders.

As an ambulatory wheelchair user, I stand up and sit down regularly throughout the day.

This was entered by two arches, which may still be seen leading out of the ambulatory.

Further to the east, as we shall find in due course, may be seen the low vaulted retro-choir or ambulatory of one bay.

The four embryonic post-ambulatory appendages are now at the height of their development.

The full number of joints are not at once reached, but in the ambulatory appendages five only appear at first to be formed.

All the ambulatory feet and the very small left hand fold beneath, leaving only the flat surface of one hand exposed to view.

He is said to have introduced into Normandy the ambulatory and its radiating chapels.