Ambuscade [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Ambuscade:

But, thank God, their ambuscade was turned against themselves.

The consul Rutilius Lupus was destroyed with his forces, by an ambuscade, near the river Livis, during the social war.

Harry's heart stood still; was the ambuscade to be discovered at the last minute?

These regiments were moved beyond Burkesville and placed in a position which served all the purposes of an ambuscade.

How was he to risk his vessel in the depth of black night in that inextricable labyrinth, that ambuscade of shoals?

Here was a tiny ambuscade roofed over with sod and camouflaged on its one side with dead herbage, wherein two soldiers crouched.

He was to shout as loud as he could, for the ambuscade would receive orders to fire upon any one who should approach in silence.

Having heard the firing, he hastened to lay an ambuscade precisely in that part of the wood most favorable to his project.

Behind his ambuscade of trellised supports, he could come near enough to reach his hand through and touch his victim if he chose.

In attacking the settlers they used many ingenious artifices to entrap or ambuscade them.