Ambushed [verb]

Definition of Ambushed:

lie in wait; attack

Synonyms of Ambushed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ambushed:

Sentence/Example of Ambushed:

We heard the key turn in the lock but all at once the ambushed men rushed forward, crying, 'a mort!

Suddenly a storm of rifle-fire broke out from a ridge on our right front and showed us we were ambushed.

Fear not the hardships of the road—the storm, the parching heat or winter's cold, hunger or thirst or ambushed foe!

The West Australians were here again ambushed, losing two men killed, one officer and two men wounded, and five taken prisoners.

In the meanwhile, the pursuers and pursued had come nearer the spot where the hunters were ambushed behind the trees.

Mirambo had turned and ambushed them, and now the boasting of the morning was turning into despondency.

The lieutenant had penetrated but a few miles when he was ambushed by the savages, and three Spaniards were slain.

But the rescue-parties were successively ambushed in the mountain passes, and nearly all were slain.

His friends had been ambushed, and these two Woongas were stealing back over the trail to slay him!

All at once it opened before her, and in the hall was Lindaberry, roguishly ambushed.