Ambushes [noun]

Definition of Ambushes:

lying in wait; concealed position

Synonyms of Ambushes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ambushes:

Sentence/Example of Ambushes:

The day before all the scouts had been instructed as to our maneuvers once we crossed the river and were searching for ambushes.

Where was that fine project of leading Jansoulet across the bogs, of guarding him against ambushes?

He entered with the nervous air of a man who is accustomed to fear the presence of traps and ambushes; who scents and avoids them.

On that first story, the doors stood ajar, three of them like three ambushes, shaking his nerves like the throats of cannon.

The ground was hilly and rough, very suitable for ambushes, and over which they did not venture without extreme precaution.

History records many relaxations of this principle of precaution, and for lack of it sudden ambushes and deplorable disasters.

The fire ceased, and the little party soon reached the spot where the peasants were lying thickly in their ambushes.

And so hearts that thought they knew themselves came upon ambushes of emotion and hidden indwellings of spirit not guessed before.

There were designs against King William that were no more honorable than the ambushes of cut-throats and footpads.

He did with energy what could be done in the midst of arms, the noise of artillery, the ambushes of the enemy, and the slaughter.