Ambushing [noun]

Definition of Ambushing:

lying in wait; concealed position

Synonyms of Ambushing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ambushing:

Sentence/Example of Ambushing:

Some time after Bruce went north, he proceeded to Douglasdale again78 and placed an ambush near his ancestral castle.

Douglas now broke ambush and cut off Webton from the castle, eventually slaying him and all his men.

He planted an ambush in the early morning, and let the hay lie till the peel men had gone out to cut their crop.

At Dantzig, with his own hand, he killed a Russian sergeant who had caught a French cavalry colonel in an ambush.

Its tactics are like those of the Indian who fights under cover or lies in ambush for his enemy.

My fear that the girl was being led into an ambush 139 threw me into a fine sweat; and I pushed on the faster.

I feel uneasy when I hunt in my forests, fearful of some ambush prepared by my neighbors.

The moment he drew rein a band of soldiers, who had been lying in ambush, rushed out and surrounded him.

Once inside, an ambush was to break out, and the flower of the Christians would be destroyed.

Yes, I have heard that there are thick woods in that neighborhood, and it would not surprise me if we fell into some ambush.