Ameba [noun]

Definition of Ameba:

minute organism

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Sentence/Example of Ameba:

Those are some dried specimens of ameba that I wish to study under a microscope.

Ameba are microorganisms of the simplest structure—a protoplasm which is constantly changing in shape.

The flood of dazzling light reaching out from the Interplanetarian snapped off and the little green ameba things were gone.

Some are simple like the ameba, others are very complex in structure.

The ameba solves this difficulty by dividing to form two amebæ.

The cells are better off than the ameba, for their food is brought to them.

Lsch ascribed tropical dysentery to an ameba, named by him Amba coli, in 1875.

It corresponds most closely to the encystment of certain protozoa—the ameba for example.

The "jiner" is an ameba that clings to flotsam, instead of floating free in the great ocean of life.

The whiplike processes with which certain cells, as the ameba, are provided.