Ameliorating [verb]

Definition of Ameliorating:

make, become better

Synonyms of Ameliorating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ameliorating:

Sentence/Example of Ameliorating:

All this was but an incident, to be sure, in the minister's general scheme for "ameliorating the revenue."

In every region of life its ameliorating influence was felt.

How many original ideas, how many sublime thoughts, how many means of ameliorating the woes of the Philippines!

Thus he found himself engaged in ameliorating the lot of the Connaught peasants.

And as soon as the chance came, she told him this, indirectly, and with many a friendly ameliorating glance.

And what has been accomplished in a century in ameliorating the native grapes?

It is true that the ameliorating spirit of Christianity is evinced in the changes which the arena has undergone.

Possessed of broadly humanitarian sympathies, he became interested in ameliorating the conditions of imprisoned debtors.

I am surprised to see how rapidly the thoughts of intelligent men and women are ameliorating on this question.

The prefecture and the delegation of Justice also evinced their humanity in ameliorating the service of the prisons.