Ameliorations [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Ameliorations:

The second year of our captivity passed—the same unvarying rotation of misery—no change, no amelioration of our condition.

We need a coordination of all the forces that make for social amelioration in modern life to correct present false impressions.

For every considerable amelioration the colony has been indebted to the whigs.

The most desirable amelioration of her lot will be secured by the admission of her free personality.

There appears no possibility of any real amelioration of their condition until they possess settled places of abode.

She now took the occasion of a momentary and delusive amelioration in Arthur's disease to write to him more at length.

A week went by; and though Adle grew stronger, there was no amelioration in her mental condition.

See what an amelioration of the penal laws; how men are saved and restored to society, who had once been wholly lost.

Social peace is impossible without a rapid amelioration of the needless discomforts of the present time.

Yet there is progress and amelioration everywhere, but without regularity or measure.