Amenabilities [noun]

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What’s more, businesses that are cutting costs during a recession are less amenable to additional spending on software when they can lean on the contracts they already have.

Smith has two years left on his deal, but with no more guaranteed salary after this season, the cost of moving on from him would be more amenable, if the team chose to do so.

If you’ve been with a vendor for a few years, you may find that they’re more amenable to offering you such flexibility.

If the Democrats made a space for pro-lifers or people who are concerned about nonsensical gun control, I could be way more amenable to everything else.

In the northern hemisphere, where spring and summer have been the backdrop of the pandemic so far, the weather has been generally amenable.

Because of his amenability the Alimentive can marry almost any type and be happy.

Everything hung upon that insecure thread of official amenability.

Until the clansmen had opened and aired the festering sores of their grievances there lay in them no hope of amenability.

Therefore, it is so essential that you should know the law of your own mind and realise its continual amenability to suggestion.

The chimpanzee differs from the gorilla in his amenability to civilisation.