Amenable [adjective]

Definition of Amenable:

willing, cooperative

Synonyms of Amenable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Amenable:

Sentence/Example of Amenable:

Collins, though, may be more amenable after her intensely competitive November election is over.

Feynman diagrams can be translated into geometric spaces that are amenable to analysis by cohomology.

There was even work to make it amenable to industrial looms.

I was pretty shocked in general to see how amenable people were to changing this very foundational thing!

That might have included graduate students, it might have been a school district that was very amenable to research, and then you take the results of that and trying to put that into another location is where that challenge happened.

No—go when we will, and where we may, we shall hold ourselves amenable to defend and protect the country that embraces us.

Young Richard, never loath to fortify himself, proved amenable enough to the stiffly laced Canary that his friend set before him.

Every one of the little boys became more or less amenable to his influence, and among them Vernon Williams.

Day after day, night after night, heaps of outrages were committed there, and not one offender was made amenable to justice.

Sabúti siya ug musugut ba, Have a talk with him to see if he is amenable.