Amendable [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Amendable:

Northam amended the legislation to ensure officers still may pull over someone driving at night without headlights or brake lights.

Tony Manolatos, a Barrios spokesman, sent VOSD the amended disclosure, but it has not been filed with the city as of Wednesday morning.

The board ultimately agreed to move forward with virtual learning for the fall, but there is still potential for the learning plans to be amended.

She said she hopes the board will vote to amend its discipline policy over the summer.

As the UK reconsiders its relationship with China, the government is facing a coordinated campaign in Parliament to amend routine bills with anti-Huawei clauses.

The budget could be amended so that all schools are funded either according to their 2019–2020 ADA levels, or according to their 2020-2021 ADA levels, whichever is higher.

When a conference committee report comes before the House, it is adopted or rejected in toto, as it is not divisible or amendable.

Some lines seem somewhat amendable; 'As lightning had sprung sudden then,' is one, for example.