Amended [verb]

Definition of Amended:

improve, correct

Synonyms of Amended:

Opposite/Antonyms of Amended:

Sentence/Example of Amended:

When doctors do fight the claims, Fox said, women seeking amends in civil or criminal court face an uphill battle.

Citizen-led Measure H in Encinitas would amend current zoning to allow marijuana retail, cultivation, manufacturing and distribution in specified zones.

To significantly change those powers would require statewide voters to amend the constitution.

Since completing the 2019-20 season in mid-October, the league’s owners and players have worked to negotiate an amended collective bargaining agreement that accounts for steep projected revenue declines caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

After law enforcement officials expressed concern about the bill, Northam amended it to make it clear that officers can still pull over a vehicle for having no brake lights or no headlights after dark.

In 1920 — when FDR ran an unsuccessful bid for the vice presidency — Eleanor joined the Union of Women Voters, just as Congress amended the Constitution and granted women the right to vote.

Ballot initiatives pose questions to voters and can—if passed—create, amend, or repeal existing state laws.

There have been more than 700 attempts to amend or abolish it.

Swing states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin attempted to amend their election rules to allow for early counting of votes, but Republicans in the state legislatures blocked those efforts.

The IRS has refused to make stimulus payments based on amended tax returns, which people can file to correct errors in their initial filings.