Amened [interjection]

Definition of Amened:

so be it

Synonyms of Amened:

Opposite/Antonyms of Amened:


Sentence/Example of Amened:

When he had concluded, instead of saying amen, I said: “from such hospitality in future, good Lord deliver us.”

It is one long row of people moving in their thousands all in the same direction—the ritual procession of the God Amen.

The tide was rising slowly, and the eternal Amen of the sea responded.

Rameses-meri-Amen, son of Tum, out of his loins, loved of him.

Then there was but one voice in that assembly, the voice of a loud Amen.

On the following morning she had the power of attention, and answered to the prayer of others in a fervent Amen.

Well, jest as I was finished, and was a saying amen, the lordy mercy what a yowl something did give right over me in a tree!

The word amen, in particular, was given out in a quivering, trembling voice.

It is written by the scribe of cunning fingers Ameni-amen-aa; may he live in life, wealth, and health!

We may all add our humble responsive Amen to this account of His finished work.