Amenities [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Amenities:

The graces and amenities of life can exist without reference to future rewards and punishments.

She appeared as much at ease as most young ladies who are accustomed to the amenities of society.

But her flow of small talk, the conversational stop-gap of the woman accustomed to social amenities, went on placidly.

Whatever knowledge he had of the amenities of life had almost been forgotten.

All the amenities of life contribute to existence, not to life itself.

The reading of the statement was set in a more than usually decorated framework of Coke's amenities.

It is even reported that between the leaders themselves less sincere amenities were interchanged.

He was a garroter by profession, accustomed to rely upon his fists only for the exchange of amenities.

There were many other like amenities in rocker; and Horbury maintained it was by far the manliest variant of the game.

The next letter also rejoices over Chocorua, although it turns first to academic amenities.