Amenity [noun]

Definition of Amenity:

pleasant thing

Synonyms of Amenity:

Opposite/Antonyms of Amenity:

Sentence/Example of Amenity:

Coastal high points will be cut off from roadways, amenities and escape routes, and even far inland, saltwater will seep into underground drinking-water supplies.

From signature robes to custom-scented bath products, these exclusive amenities make a guest feel pampered.

In that case, finding the perfect place requires weighing lots of options, such as location, amenities and even other tenants.

These facilities and amenities are irrationally and inconsistently credited with more points than actual parkland.

Those without such amenities have had to figure out what’s necessary to make working at home bearable.

About 39% of agencies and 36% of publishing workers said they expect a reduction in shared amenities and around 40% said they expected fewer snacks.

The idea is that money will be used for public amenities used by new residents or customers coming into a neighborhood because of new development.

Moreover the district in itself possesses great fertility and amenity.

It has nothing of the amenity and elegance which we generally find in the superstitions of Greece.

Let us all hasten to bless the banns between steel-edged truth and perfect amenity.