Amethyst [noun]

Definition of Amethyst:

blue and red colors mixed together

Synonyms of Amethyst:

Opposite/Antonyms of Amethyst:


Sentence/Example of Amethyst:

The presence of phenol causes a deep amethyst-blue color, as in Uffelmann's test for lactic acid.

She looked down at the logs—smouldering now and with no more flame of rose-pink and amethyst.

The amethyst glow went off the hills that ring our valley, and a far blue peak faded into the gathering 65 dusk.

And she wore the Medici boots, the amethyst tips peeping beneath her shining dress.

The pageant of autumn on our hills was 263 over, only an amethyst haze succeeding at sunset time.

Of a morning, mist floated into mist as far as eye could see, blue and grey and amethyst, a glamour of tints and velvety radiance.

It did not need any alteration and I think I shall buy that pearl and amethyst necklace at Tiffany's.

She had dropped the amethyst, by some incomprehensible mischance.

On the distant heights the gray deepened gradually to amethyst.

It was an amethyst ring, and in the center of the stone was set a pearl.