Amiabilities [noun]

Definition of Amiabilities:

pleasant and friendly

Synonyms of Amiabilities:

Opposite/Antonyms of Amiabilities:

Sentence/Example of Amiabilities:

Garnache assured him very briefly, and none too politely that he did not intend to prove of any excessive amiability.

Great encomiums have been passed upon his genius and learning, as well as the amiability of his private character.

There was but one opinion of his character, and that was expressive of his kindness and amiability.

In any case nothing apparently occurred to disturb the amiability of either monarch.

For this refinement resulted in a uniform amiability which left you quite in the dark as to the real nature of the man.

I have known himExhibit a celestial amiability:— He'd eat an enemy, and then would own himOf flavor excellent, despite hostility.

"I would na be surprised," he observed with oracular amiability.

"Ain't got any," was the response, given with entire amiability.

The republic of Bohemia in general had all the follies and virtues, the amiability and brutality of youth.

Beneath all this elegance, amiability, and extravagance the Revolution seethed and boiled and finally overran and destroyed.