Amiableness [noun]

Definition of Amiableness:


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Sentence/Example of Amiableness:

He possessed a mind of great vigor and enterprise, and was characterized by integrity and amiableness.

Oh that I were all eye, to see the glorious amiableness of my God!

His conversation and letters displayed the amiableness of his sincere character.

But as they grow up their social nature may be developed, and they too may give the appearance of amiableness.

They will meet him there in all the charm of novelty, and all the fascination of genius or of amiableness.

But her courage never slackened; and neither her health, nor her general amiableness, was in the least affected.

He seemed to have a preoccupied air that somehow did not fit the amiableness of his face.

But his amiableness could be traced to the fact of his being conceited of the swinish selfishness of which he had been guilty.

He that speaketh good of a man, representeth him amiable; for amiableness and goodness are all one.

Would that custom had never been separated from this virtuous amiableness!