Amiably [adverb]

Definition of Amiably:

in a welcome manner

Synonyms of Amiably:

Opposite/Antonyms of Amiably:

Sentence/Example of Amiably:

He poked his head in at an open door, and called, amiably, "Kin anybody tell me where to find Mr. Castle?"

Even the gruff, grumpy, unsociable rhinoceros amiably allowed him to stroke its head with his trunk.

The boys went through the ordeal fairly well, being amiably desirous of pleasing the proud needlewomen.

He merely smiled amiably and said he didn't think he cared to take on a laborer's job.

"Yes, it makes it rather awkward," Mrs. Lovick amiably conceded.

"Well, I can't," he retorts, amiably rubbing his hands together.

He offered no reply to this savage expression, but from his safe position in the rear he grinned amiably.

The doctors smiled, and stroked the smile down to the tips of their grey beards as they nodded to one another amiably.

The sergeant ordered Bobby to precede him through the postern, and the little dog complied amiably.

"But her heart would have been broken if she hadn't gotten in this year," she returned amiably.