Amice [noun]

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Quem enim nimia sui caritas ceperit, aliena deserit: nee sibi quisquam ambitiose atque aliis amice consulere potest.

The apparel of the amice cannot be too rich in its ornamentation.

After Amice's death her son used the title and claimed the estates of that earldom.

Around the neck was worn the amice: It was a kind of large linen handkerchief, with embroidered work along one of its sides.

Aug. 13th, amice cum Domino Edouardo Keleo de tribus illis votis.

It must therefore not be confounded with the amice, which is a truly ecclesiastical vestment.

But thou camest by his bed, Holding high thine amice fine And thy kirtle of ermine.

Non hic amice, pernoctas, you dont lodge here, Mr. Ferguson.

The apparel of the alb, the amice round his neck, and the maniple of his left arm are shown as richly embroidered with gold.

On other occasions the girded alb and the amice are often worn by the deacon and subdeacon.