Amid [preposition]

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The night passed amid various excursions on the part of Aristide and alarms on the part of Jean.

In the aperture of the window, amid piles of paper, stood a rickety old table, covered with dust.

His steps led him now not to the beach, but to the Cemetery of Rocklington, amid the potato-fields.

Dressed in full uniform, amid cries of "Long live our King Joachim," the unfortunate man landed with twenty-six followers.

There, amid the deep silence of the listening centuries, he would find peace; forgetting himself a moment, he might find—strength.

Returning to Bithoor the Nana was proclaimed Peishwa amid the booming of cannon and the plaudits of his retainers.

Amid the hush that followed, the stranger picked himself slowly up, and sought to wipe the filth from his face and garments.

They were lost amid the Baratarian Islands, and no one ever heard of them or found trace of them from that day to this.

The laws of the Church of God remain immutable, amid the changes that overtake the various communities of men.

Burn the male olive-branch and the pine twig and juniper, and let the blazing laurel crackle amid the hearth.