Amigos [noun]

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"There won't be four of you when we get through arguin' this, amigo, if we ever start," the Ranger suggested gently.

Besides, amigo mio, it would spoil my plan in several respects—notably, that with the nina and others too numerous to mention.

It seems we never were introduced, amigo, and we know only your joy name of the singer, but there must be another.

Amigo mio, it was that damned Antonio Calles who listened to us last night.

Possessive is also used in Muy estimado amigo mo, instead of Mi estimado amigo.

Si entra a una pulpera y le convida un extrao: gracias, amigo, a pagar lo que guste.

A un amigo de valor personal reputado, si es viejo le llama viejito quiebra, y si es joven indio crudo.

“Amigo, the interview is ended,” said Wenceslas quietly, stepping between the priest and his superior.

"Not so fast, amigo," answered Mariano Torres, smiling at the guerilla's impatience.

“A propósito, amigo,” resumed Josè, turning to the Alcalde and assuming utter indifference with regard to Carmen.