Amirs [noun]

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One of the newly-installed Amir's first acts was to inform the Viceroy of his return to Kabul, and of the recovery of his kingdom.

The Amir at the time vouchsafed no reply whatever to these proposals or to the invitation to come to Delhi.

Vitkievitch's reception was proportionately discouraging, and for some weeks he could not obtain an interview with the Amir.

Abdur Rahman, in his friendly but guarded reply,5 expressed in general terms his hope of being recognized as Amir.

His first appointment was that of physician to the amir, who owed him his recovery from a dangerous illness .

At a word from Guru, Amir Ali spurred up his horse and departed at a steady gallop to the right.

At this moment Guru and Amir Ali ran up excitedly, uncasing the heavy guns and loading them as they ran.

Suddenly he felt the hand of his gun-bearer, Amir Ali, laid on his arm, and the Gurkha whispered in his ear.

"Twelve feet up," said Amir Ali with a delighted display of teeth, as he reached in vain toward the scarred bark.

The tired Amir Ali squatted down to rest, while with their glasses they searched in every direction.