Amities [noun]

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He was a good husband, and lived at peace and amity with his wife, and was exceedingly fond of his children.

About a week later, Edward had a communication from Bruce expressing a strong desire for accord and amity.

The legend that may still be read upon the Corporation mace, of Elizabethan date, is earnest of this old-time amity.

And Onias received the ambassador with honour and received the letters, wherein there was mention made of the alliance, and amity.

Though this pleasant precedent was shrewdly cited with all openness and apparent amity, Bradford refused the petition.

It was good that those she loved should dwell together in amity.

These ran to the hut of one of the assassins, with whom they had lived on terms of amity.

The old man broke his spear across, and cast it at their feet in token of amity.

We accompanied him, bearing in mind your royal commands, and eager to do all that in us lay to advance the interests of amity.

I wrote my letter in a spirit of cordiality and amity, that I might prevent a rupture most disagreeable to me.