Ammo [noun]

Definition of Ammo:

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Sentence/Example of Ammo:

Later in the decade, the IGBC began issuing instructions on building homemade bear-resistant containers—mostly modified metal ammo cans.

Loaded an ore boat with avgas and ammo and ran it up the Seaway.

At the very furthest stretch of the imagination, a tarzan might sneak into town and try to steal some ammo.

The Ammo Chu, which is here nothing but a 20-foot stream frozen over at night, bisects the camp.

When the projected Ammo Chu cart-road is completed, all the difficulty of carrying stores into Chumbi will be obviated.

He shot at ammo, the mountain sheep (the three stars of Orion's belt); hence people hunt mountain sheep.

The day's path was at first very stony and climbed steadily uphill beside the torrent of the Ammo-chu.

The path followed close to the banks of the Ammo-chu, which was now a clear stream and contained many a likely pool for fish.

His encased body being slid, stuffed, jammed into something like a wad of ammo into a barrel.

They fly without guns, or ammo, and have extra tanks fitted.