Ammonia [noun]

Definition of Ammonia:

pungent gas, liquid

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Sentence/Example of Ammonia:

Another option is to convert renewable electricity into some other form of relatively clean energy, such as hydrogen, ethanol, or ammonia.

Since ammonia is toxic to humans, such leaks require immediate action, involving lengthy spacewalks to identify holes in the coolant system and repair them.

The ISS has previously dealt with ammonia leaks coming from the station’s cooling loops.

Jain’s discovery could allow workers to transport ammonia instead, which is safer, and then free the hydrogen from the ammonia once it has arrived where’s it needed.

It turns out there was an ammonia feed going into the tap water, and when they turned it off, the phone stopped ringing.

They are dissolved by strong hydrochloric acid, and recrystallize as octahedra upon addition of ammonia.

On the other side the ammonia brought out a picture of the Victory, with the head of a roaring lion below it.

His results for ammonia, as well as nitric acid, are given in the subjoined table.

Ammonia is a compound of nitrogen and hydrogen, but it cannot be formed by the direct union of these gases.

It appears also, as far as absorption goes, to be immaterial whether the ammonia is free or combined.