Ammunitions [noun]

Definition of Ammunitions:

projectiles for weaponry

Synonyms of Ammunitions:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ammunitions:


Sentence/Example of Ammunitions:

One image featured by the account shows a young man draped in ammunition and cradling a rifle in his hands.

Scavengers often acquire toxic levels of lead from eating gut piles and dead animals which contain lead ammunition fragments.

If the public decides this process wasn’t trustworthy, it will give ammunition to efforts to discredit all vaccines.

Vista Outdoor, owner of brands including Bushnell rifle scopes and Federal ammunition, attributes its recent growth largely to the strength of the shooting sports market.

Though the new study is unscientific, it’s likely to give ammunition to transit and housing advocates who’ve argued that the groups are not representative and in need of reform.

Hence, shortage of ammunition and shortage of water, which last was the worse felt to-day.

Also, some ominous comments on what armies spend and what Governments scrimp:—that is ammunition.

Every gun-shot fired gives me a pain in my heart and adds to the deadly anxiety I feel about our ammunition.

The Austrian parlementaire pointed out that it was hopeless to continue the struggle as he had neither provisions nor ammunition.

I am very sorry that you cannot send the proper howitzers, and still more sorry for the reason, that of ammunition.