Amnesia [noun]

Definition of Amnesia:

memory loss

Synonyms of Amnesia:

Opposite/Antonyms of Amnesia:


Sentence/Example of Amnesia:

The precise age when the veil of infantile amnesia descends is a subject of ongoing debate, in part because only limited studies have been done involving children.

The worse news might be that my friends think “dead butt” is a riotous nickname for this condition, medically referred to as gluteal amnesia.

Cynics will say they’ve heard it all before, but marketers have amnesia and can’t afford not to take this issue seriously.

The one form of memory disturbance is called "Word Amnesia;" the other is called "Apraxia."

Asked her friend abruptly, "Have you ever seen a case of amnesia?"

For instance, I could have amnesia so that I could see you, but there wouldn't be any me.

The temporary amnesia slipped aside and the veil began to rise.

When you cracked up, a blow on the head, or something, must have created a temporary amnesia and you thought you were Danson.

It may last for hours or months, and there generally remains a more or less pronounced amnesia for the entire period of stupor.

He did not know how long he had been in this confused state and had a complete amnesia for the entire period.