Amnion [noun]

Definition of Amnion:

amniotic sac

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Sentence/Example of Amnion:

Between these is a gelatinous substance, and within the amnion is a fluid, called the liquor amnii.

The whole being surrounded by two membranous coverings, the outer one called the chorion, and the inner one the amnion.

The amnion forms a small fold covering over the cephalic extremity of the embryo, which is deeply embedded in the yolk.

Both it and the stalk of the yolk-sack are enveloped by the amnion (am).

It adheres to the amnion and supplies it with blood-vessels (Bischoff).

Superficial to it is the amnion, and below it is the yolk sac.

In all the classes of amniotes these membranes (the amnion and the serolemma) develop in just the same fashion.

The embryo thus enclosed in the egg finds its protection in the fact that it is encased in a fluid contained in the amnion.

The amnion is a loose fluid-filled sac (the caul) enveloping the fetus to protect it from jarring.

The whole of the body of the embryo is formed from the ventral plate, and no part from the amnion or serous envelope.