Amoeba [noun]

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Elsewhere in the world, such as Karachi, the capital city of Pakistan, he says, the presence of the “brain eating amoeba” in the water supply seems to be much larger.

This free-living amoeba, Naegleria gruberi, is not confined to tropical countries….

Mercifully, human invasion is rare, for the invader, an amoeba, destroys the brain tissue and produces death in from four to seven days.

To pull themselves along, amoebas extend temporary bulges from their cells.

An amoeba called Naegleria fowleri causes disease in people by eating brain cells.

A mono-cell, the amoeba, was able to reproduce itself by the simple stratagem of sub-division.

And I have good reason to believe that the forces of Aptor are congealing once more, a sluggish but huge amoeba of horror.

But the right-hand side you will see an undoubted amoeba, moving sluggishly across the field.

I expect you'll have to wait till little brother amoeba gets grown up before you'll find a reader.

It continued to move outward, and on the map it appeared like a pseudopod extruded by an enormous amoeba.