Amongst [preposition]

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To this end they spread a distorted epitome of his favourite views, amongst their retainers.

Around the table were seated about twenty persons, amongst whom the usual sprinkling of sacerdotes was not wanting.

The fourth year dawned, and Mr Brammel suddenly appeared amongst his friends.

Martini prepared a couple of stout mules, and concealed them amongst the thickets on the opposite side of the fosse.

Smoking now is as common as eating and drinking, and to smoke amongst ladies is a vulgarity.

Without embarking on another endless yarn let me note the fact that there are two schools amongst our brethren afloat.

It is whispered that you are not what you appear: that secret and traitorous designs have led you amongst us.

Why he ever came amongst us none ever knew; it was a mystery we never fathomed.

I found there, however, a piece of unmistakable chrysotile, grouped amongst a miscellaneous lot of American minerals.

Amongst the prisoners were several provincial governors, one of whom attempted to commit suicide.