Amoral [adjective]

Definition of Amoral:

immoral, uncontrolled

Opposite/Antonyms of Amoral:

Sentence/Example of Amoral:

A hum of understanding and approval ran through the court; the intellect is profoundly amoral.

Iago has been described as immoral; he does not seem to me to be immoral, but amoral, as the intellect always is.

Without a grounding in praxis, the content and activity of nursing science becomes amoral and meaningless.

At one end were the amoral characters whose excesses became steadily worse as the situation blackened.

In all these encounters, Krishna shows himself completely amoral, achieving his ends by the very audacity of his means.

It was cholera time; the great amoral city was indifferent to everything else.

Fighting to hold her man; fighting the unknown odds of an alien world, the stealthy seduction of an amoral people.

In respect to justice, to right and wrong, the spirit of Christianity is not so much immoral as amoral.

Children and parents were amoral and competed for the same resources.