Amorist [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Amorist:

This letter, if it had been written by an amorist, would seem either base or priggish.

A memory of the days when Izaak was an amorist, and shone in love ditties, appears thus.

Lovelace is even a better type in his rare good things of the military amorist and poet.

The old amorist observed it, and made a tremendous effort to overcome his most inopportune drowsiness.

"I know," she said, and something in her voice touched the trained sensibilities of the Amorist.

It consists but seldom in any regularity of feature, for their appeal is to the amorist rather than to the sculptor in marble.

There followed the dedication to the Earl of Venus and Adonis; a poem likely to please any young amorist .

In the account of this celebrated Arabian amorist, we come upon a very pretty story.

One might call Cecily a stoical amorist, an erotic philosopher.

The possessive instinct is, in its profoundest abyss, an amorist of death.