Amoroso [noun]

Definition of Amoroso:

financial provider

Synonyms of Amoroso:

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Sentence/Example of Amoroso:

The primo amoroso served up the crambe decies repetita of his monologues.

On the fifth page you see it is marked amoroso, but after eight measures the young man gives the whole thing away to his father!

No, good Sir Amoroso; your teeth hath taken rust, your breath wants airing, and indeed I love sound kissing.

As Mr. V. and my brother walked homewards they indulged themselves with various jocose remarks at the expense of the amoroso.

Cleandro himself has less than usual of the selfishness and sensuality which degrade the Florentine primo amoroso.

But, in the end, as in "Amoroso," all the dead people are resuscitated.

She did n't laugh as if the thing was ridiculous, and as if the idea of Kenny Dodd performing "Amoroso" was a glaring absurdity.

He is amoroso for that black queen, who is quite covered up, and he would like to be covered up with her.

The "Scherzo" is shimmering with playfulness, and, in the Beethoven fashion, has a tender intermezzo amoroso.

Another piece belonging to this period is the Pentimento amoroso by Luigi Groto, which was printed as early as 1575.