Amorousnesses [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Amorousnesses:

The slow-fly amorousness of the British working classes evidently does not suit the quicker blood of France.

The spectacle of their passion will doubtless be a new one for me, and I shall give my amorousness a rest.

He gazed down upon her with a mixture of amorousness and awe.

The third characteristic of that vegetation is its marvellous amorousness.

I regret that I find nothing in the biographies which would explain Tieck's exquisite amorousness toward the moon.

I can no longer justify it by my love for the beautiful, or my amorousness, or the faults of my companion.

Mere feline amorousness, such as Swinburne so inimitably portrays, he would disdain to deal with if even he could.

We know his defiant celebrations of Sex, of amorousness, of maternity; of that Love of Comrades which "passeth the love of women."

As she would not endure the amorousness, irritability invariably resulted.

Her trouble was that thoughts and ambitions were in conflict with Gaga's amorousness.