Amorphous [adjective]

Definition of Amorphous:

without definite shape, character

Synonyms of Amorphous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Amorphous:

Sentence/Example of Amorphous:

While they purport to speak for free speech and Western values, their overarching goal is to use violence as a political solution, with “the left” as the amorphous enemy they purport to fight — by any means necessary.

Newly formed brain cells, for instance, must physically position themselves to avoid turning into “amorphous aggregates,” Wang says.

Two years later, he stepped down as chief technical officer and into the amorphous role of chief visionary officer.

Of all the WNBA awards, Rookie of the Year may have the most amorphous definition.

Regular-season fights in the NHL by season and number of players involvedThere’s a certain ritual to curated violence in the NHL, much of which is traced back to an amorphous code.

Collectively they can be called “company culture”—an amorphous term which can refer either to the way an employee experiences a firm, the way a firm tries to present itself, or a mixture of the two.

Amorphous urates are readily soluble in caustic soda solutions.

The usual forms are: (a) Ammoniomagnesium phosphate crystals; (b) acid calcium phosphate crystals; and (c) amorphous phosphates.

When at all abundant, pus forms a white sediment resembling amorphous phosphates macroscopically.

The sediment usually contains abundant amorphous phosphates and crystals of triple phosphate and ammonium urate.