Amounted [verb]

Definition of Amounted:

equal, add up to

Synonyms of Amounted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Amounted:

Sentence/Example of Amounted:

To Americans Mrs. Wright is interesting by reason of her patriotism, which amounted to a passion.

The total fresh troops amounted to about 500 men of the 73rd Native Regiment and Spanish cazadores.

He bowed a trifle stiffly, and was surprised to have his bow returned with a graciousness that amounted almost to cordiality.

I asked him if that amounted to one shell per yard and he said the whole length of the trench was less than 100 yards.

In the "good old coaching days" the turnpike tolls paid on a coach running daily from here to London amounted to £1,428 per year.

The next step will doubtless be to pay their members, and, as the last year's income of the Association amounted to £12 4s.

Saussure made similar experiments, and observed that the quantity of water exhaled by a sunflower amounted to about 220 lb.

The American casualties that day, due solely to the morning skirmishes, amounted to four killed and thirty wounded.

The singing lessons he received from Lomakin amounted to little more than choral practices.

The force which was actually in England in 1680 hardly amounted to five thousand men.