Amounts [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Amounts:

Larger amounts are not uncommon in fevers, gastrointestinal disturbances, and certain nervous disorders.

As the Chinese are so numerous, the sum amounts to considerable, although it it not all paid to the fiscal.

He has a marvellously delicate musical organization, and an instinct how things ought to be played which amounts to second sight.

Larger amounts are very rarely found, and generally point to obstruction in the duodenum.

Larger amounts, not well mixed with fecal matter, indicate inflammation of the large intestine.

Many a question though arises, what action amounts to a waiver of notice.

Apart from the general charge of being successful—whatever that amounts to—you accuse me of two things.

There is not one bookseller in Pernambuco, and the population of its different parishes amounts to 70,000 souls!

There is no doubt the Government land unsettled and untouched in this province amounts to 90 per cent.

In marriage it may develop into something worth while, but in itself amounts to nothing—except as material for poets.