Amour [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Amour:

It is quite what I expected of him,what man of his type could find pardon for a blow to his own amour propre!

But impersonality has prevented the Far Oriental from having much amour propre.

His very birth is a stolen thing, the darkling fruit of a divine amour in a dusky cavern.

It hurt not only his acquired republican feelings, but what lies far deeper than those, his amour propre.

Here was little of the amour propre of Baltimore and Philadelphia.

To do this in the beginning of an amour, and to a jealous servant as I am!

I believe he has discovered our amour: How he surveys me for a son-in-law!

The love of country is something a little more than mere amour propre.

Fancy then provides an amour to account for each relationship.

Nevertheless you will soon see that I was bubbled as much in this Amour as I was in the former.