Amp [noun]

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Super Mario played on a thereminThe Positive Grid Spark is a versatile smart amp perfect for guitarists stuck at home

AMP life was pleasant, aside from the perpetual drilling, marching and countermarching.

This fact is shown clearly by tests made to determine the time required to discharge a 100 Amp.

The amp, speakers, and A/V switcher were all missing from her home theater.

He was certain his shout overmodulated every amp tube in the entire World City viewer system.

Us Goshen people kind o' kept together when we set down in the amp'itheater.

It was now my turn to be excited, and I rushed down to the motor room determined to give her every amp she would take.

The annexed figures of this hitherto undefined species will clearly show its distinction from Amp.

In the moneth of September also this yeare, the kings third sonne was borne at Oxenford, amp; named Richard.